Turning 40 – Bring It!

Now, I will enjoy the day and the weekend with Mr. LA and great friends in Joshua Tree, where I rented a very cool house (which I will share with you guys next week) for us all to spend time together, feast and laugh out loud till the early hours. Maybe even dance!

You know what,
everyone has their own sh*t. You may think that all those people that looks so
confident and whatnot, are just as screwed up as everyone else. It really is a
waste of time comparing the worst of yourself with the of others.

You realize
that the people in your life at 40 isn’t going anywhere, they love you
unconditionally. They have your back, the once that don’t, you weeded out. You
are done with all the drama. You learn not to take yourself too seriously. You
can get your silly on again. I used to be a goofball, really, but throughout my
late 20s and early 30s I thought that I had to grow up, now, I really just want
to dance like no one is watching and sing like no one is listening (I am not
good at either).

In my mind
at 20 I had all these things I want to get the done by 40. I can tell you right
now, I haven’t done most. I have accomplished a whole lot of other amazing
stuff. And that is just as perfect, if not better. I feel happier than ever, I
am ready to start learning new things again, and I am ready to tackle 40s head-on.

If this is
what 40 feels like, I am all in. Instead of fearing it and dwelling on regrets,
let’s embrace 40 (and stop calling it the new 30s). Today, I am really a grown
up. I feel like you have spent the last decades worrying too much about what other
people think, what you want to do with your life, your career, finding ‘the one’,
turning into your parents (which btw wouldn’t be that bad, because mine are
badass), or comparing yourself to your friends or people on social media.

Kitchen of the Week: The Architects Townhouse in Copenhagen

A durable
steel tabletop borders between the white painted top shelves above and the
stained oak cupboards below. The kitchen layout and mix of materials make the
room a place not only to cook and dine in, but also a space for everyday life. Just
the way we like it in Scandinavia.

You might
think, haven’t I seen this kitchen before – and yes, I shared the new Nordiska
Kitchen last year, however, this is the first time we see it in an actual home,
so it made sense to share it again. It’s also a gentle nod to the Danes, saying
“Hi Denmark, we now ship our kitchens your way”.

Styling: Marie Graunbøl Photo: Andrea Papini, courtesy of Nordiska Kök.

In a cozy townhouse in one of Denmark’s most eligible residential area, a short walk from Copenhagen’s Botanical Garden and next to one of the three popular inner-city lakes you find Kartoffelrækkerne, Nordiska Kök has designed a kitchen for architect Jeppe Dueholm and his family. All choices have been made with great respect for the history of the house and the design is inspired by the building’s brick-cladded facade and the organic shape of the staircase that connects the three stories.