Weekly Obsessions: Woody Vanity



One of my favorite Swedish bloggers are back, new iconic pieces are also back in production, and even more great summer sales.

Previously in Weekly Obsessions:

  • US readers,  listen up: If you haven’t already, head to Nordstrom for their anniversary sale.
  • Swedish stylist Pella Hedeby has finally started blogging again – apparently only for the summer though.
  • Fredericia is introducing the Risom Magazine Table to their collection, one of Risom’s iconic pieces from 1949.
  • The aim of the project is to ‘celebrate the CREATIVES + THINKERS who have pushed the HUMAN Race Forward’ by making permanent their place ‘On The Map’ via beautiful minimalist wall prints. Half of all profits go to UNICEF, the United Nations Children’s Fund.
  • Only available in Europe: A limited edition of the iconic KAISER idell lamp, which first premiered in 1931. Today, it is recognized around the world as an icon of Bauhaus design, illustrating the movement’s genius for creating versatile, minimalist designs that still seem modern today.
  • Update your home textiles with the Lexington summer sale 50% off.
  • and, not to forget, one to follow on Instagram.


Above: The 2 in Twelve project by The Stables co and Future Flip for Realestate Lifestyle Australia. Via bythestablesco.

Rattan is Hot, but What Will be the Next Big Material in Interior?

What do you think? Will any of these be the next big thing? Or do you have you mind set on a completely different material?

Rattan is hot right now. We all know that rattan has been the big comeback kid lately and while it is still on an all-time high right now with stunning DIY’s around the web, I thought, why not give you a little heads-up on what I think you be the next big thing – some might even do very well with the DIY people, which is not me. I think the biggest DIY thing I’ve ever done was to paint a wooden stool. Yes, wow.


*** top image courtesy: September Edit

Another natural element moving up the charts these days is the jute webbing. Anything webbing really. An iconic piece you might all remember is Bruno Mathsson’s Eva, a chair you might have seen at your grandparents’ home in the 80’s. Again I am no expert, but I believe webbing could be something for the cool DIY kids too. So far, I have found myself obsessing over Brdr. Krüger’s new F-Chair, which is the perfect modern take on webbing used in a more geometrical pattern that just the basic pattern.

Tambour is mostly known from its use on 50’s credenzas and other curved surfaces. The material got a short comeback in the 80’s too. I am sure y’all remember the bread boxes in almost every Scandi kitchen? Now it is back. Take a moment to look at Asplund’s round Palais Royal table, as seen in Hans Hjelmqvist stunning home, is a perfect example of how the lines of the tambour make the table a lot more interesting and very modern.


And speaking of Brdr. Krüger, in collaboration with David Thulstrup they launched their Arv chair for the new Noma 2.0, with a seat made with wowen paper cord. Another material making a comeback. Of course we know from many of the iconic pieces by Hans Wegner, but I think its time to review and renew the old technic. Its not only seen on chairs, but also lamps, and both Hay’s new Bonbon shade and Made by Hand’s new Ro lamp are new favorites of mine.