Visualizing A Whole New Home

One of the mayor issues in Copenhagen is housing –even with more than 1200 new homes being built right now we simply just don’t have enough for everyone. Whole new city areas have been developed in less than a decade with one being “Carlsberg Byen”. Carlsberg as in the beer. It is in fact the old area that housed the world-renowned brewery. The actual beer brewing has moved away, but the historic grounds still stands. And A LOT of new homes are being built around and in some of the most iconic and well-known buildings and sites in Copenhagen. I am sure there is not a single soul in Copenhagen or Denmark for that matter that wouldn’t be able to tell you where the Elephant Gate is located.

One of the hardest things to do when buying a whole new apartment is probably to wrap your head around how it all is going to look when finished. Very often you buy the apartment before it is even built. But you know what, not a problem anymore, because… technology!! Carlsberg Byen have created a VR (that’s short for virtual reality) experience, so you walk around your new home… potential new home. It is such an amazing idea. You put on the VR frames and just like that, you are walking around in a furnished home, it feels so real. More than once I have walked around a dining table or leaned on the balcony railing, realizing seconds later that it’s not there.

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One of the
features I really enjoyed is that you can jump to different levels, walk to the
different balconies to see the view of the city – including how your new view
will look when the entire Carlsberg Byen will be finished in 2024. This becomes
super handy, when you might consider buying an apartment on the 8th
or 21st floor in a building that’s not yet built of course.

My entire
life I have lived in older apartments, some dating more than 100 years back. It
wasn’t until I moved into my current home that I experienced a completely new
apartment. Which is better is difficult to say, pros and cons for both.

Just last week I had the pleasure of trying out the new experience with Caroline (septemberedit). If you want to try, it is open for everyone every Sunday.